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We welcome you into our community of caring, learning, spiritual exploration, and action for the greater good.  LCUUC is a Welcoming Congregation, meaning that the congregation believes in being inclusive of bisexual, gay, lesbian, and/or transgender people. 

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Sunday, September 14 at 6 p.m.


Rev. Mark Kiyimba, the senior minister and founder of the UU Church of Uganda, will be joining us from Kampala, Uganda on September 14th, at 6 pm in the Social Hall.Rev. Kiyimba will speak on “The Struggle for LGBT Rights in Uganda, and the Role of the American Christian Right” and will show a very brief film (25 minutes), and hold a Q&A session.

In February 2014, Uganda’s parliament passed a law making homosexuality punishable by up to life imprisonment. It also mandates years in prison for anyone who counsels or reaches out to LGBT people. The law even seeks punishment for those who know someone is gay, and fail to report it, including parents of LGBT people. Tragically, this state persecution of LGBT people has been prompted, aided and abetted by extreme right-wing American evangelical ministers.

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We are under construction!

The office area powder room is being remodeled to conform to the Americans with Disabilities Act.  This will require some changes to part of the lobby and church offices.  Please be aware that this work will be going on during much of August and may make entrance to the building a bit challenging, as well as making the day time hours somewhat noisy!


Restroom is torn out & framing for new walls put in.      Protective "walls" shield office area from dust.


       Enlarging the office area restroom.                New entrance to the minister's office from the lobby.


Framing the new wall for the minister's office.      Preparation for the new ADA water fountain is done.


New window in the minister's office; drywalling is done in Rev. Amy's office and the office area restroom.


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